What We Do and Who We Are

MSG is responsible for several essential functions at the Perelman School of Medicine:

  1. Meeting with school administration on a monthly basis to discuss student body needs and new initiatives.

  2. Allocating the annual student activities budget to PSOM's 70+ student organizations.

  3. Planning class-based and school-wide social events such as the annual Welcome Week and Winter Formal.

  4. Aiding in the selection of student representatives for key faculty committees such as Admissions and Curriculum.

  5. Liaising with the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA), which is the governing body for Penn’s 12 graduate schools.

MSG is comprised of both elected officers and unelected class representatives.

  1. Elected officers, including the executive board and MS2/MS3/CDYO/MS4 class co-chairs, are voted into office in the spring.

  2. MS1 class co-chairs are elected when their class arrives in the fall.

  3. Any PSOM student may serve as a class representative without being elected, and all students are invited to attend the monthly MSG General Body Meetings to voice suggestions and ask questions.