Start A New Student Group


Got an idea for a new student group? We’d love to help!

MSG provides all registered student groups with funding and any support that we can provide.

Here is the process for registering a new student group:

  1. Check if a similar group exists or used to be active by checking the student group directory.

  2. Identify a faculty adviser and meet with them to discuss the group and their involvement with it. If you need help identifying potential advisers, please feel free to reach out to MSG at

  3. Fill out the application form  which includes:

    1. The name and contacts for the group

    2. A description of the motivation and concept of the group

    3. An outline of the proposed yearly budget for the group

  4. Contact the MSG secretary Erik Tan,, to schedule a presentation at one of the upcoming MSG meetings

  5. Give a brief ~5min presentation of your new group proposal to the MSG general body.

    1. We will have the materials in your application form, but please feel free to prepare whatever other materials might help your presentation.

    2. After your presentation, there will be a brief time of questions.

    3. We will then ask you to step outside while we deliberate and vote on approving the new group.

    4. You will find out the results of the vote right after, with any feedback as pertinent.

  6. Submit a funding application.


Once your group is approved, you’re set to go! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.