Who Should I Go to For...

  • A concern in my personal life (which may cause me to fall behind on preclinical work, to miss class/clinical duties, or to request an extension on a project/exam)?

    • JoMo and Anna Delaney! Both will write back to your email within 24 hrs.

  • Concern about my academic performance (preclinical exams, shelf exams, Step)?

    • Carrie Renner (especially to arrange an MS4 tutor when applicable) and JoMo (especially for advice regarding residency applications).

  • A personal physical health concern?

    • JoMo (especially to arrange an expedited appointment with a Penn specialist) and Anna Delaney.

  • A personal mental health concern, or just wanting to vent a bit?

    • Tiffany Brown! She's our CAPS on-site therapist, available 4-7 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Smilow 1-103.

  • Recommendations for a mental health specialist outside of CAPS?

    • Carrie Renner.

  • A concern about a friend's mental health?

    • You can discuss the situation and get suggestions about what to do from CAPS over the phone at 214-898-7021. You can let them know if you want an "urgent" call back.

  • Discussing an uncomfortable situation with someone from the administration or faculty/staff?

    • Dr. Iris Reyes, our Ombudsperson, or your Advisory Dean.

  • Reporting an incident of mistreatment (to me or someone else) that occurred at the school or in the clinical setting?

    • Safety net, which can be anonymous or not based on your preference, or again your Advisory Dean.

  • Information about financial aid or financial advice?

    • Jean Fox (financial aid lead) and Mike Sabara from admissions.

  • Reserving a room (for an event or otherwise) or scheduling an appointment to review an exam?

    • Jon McCabe or Chris Gorman.

  • Scheduling (e.g. making a special request for your surgery clerkship subspecialties based on your career interests, arranging a non-preapproved elective opportunity, switching your electives after OASIS is closed, arranging two-week rotations, getting all your ducks in a row for graduation)?

    • Helene Weinberg, our wonderful registrar.

  • Information on MD-Master's Programs?

    • Amy Nothelfer.

  • Logistical issues (jury duty, vaccine papers, lockers, etc)?

    • Yvonne Young.

  • Shadowing opportunities?

    • Your Advisory Dean.

  • Research opportunities?

    • Amy Nothelfer advises med student on research opportunities. You can also ask your Advisory Dean or Anna Delaney.

  • Reimbursement for student group/personal travel grant expenses?

    • Nancy O'Reilly.

  • A big hug and a warm smile?

    • Miss Doris.

  • PDI Office Hours?

    1. Monday 3PM-5PM: Dr. DaCarla Albright

    2. Wednesday 3PM-5PM: Dr. Horace DeLisser

    3. Thursday 3PM-5PM: Dr. Cindy Christian

    4. Friday 3PM-5PM: Dr. Roy Hamilton

    5. Erika Dawson and Dorothy Harris are also here Mon-Fri 8:30AM-4:30PM