How It Works


MSG receives ~$38,000 annually from GAPSA to fund PSOM's 70+ student organizations.

  • The MSG fiscal year is February - January.
  • Annual funding applications are due in January and allocation decisions are announced in February.
  • Emergency funds of up to $100 may be allocated on a case-by-case basis.

Appropriate Use

MSG funds may be used for funding the events/activities stated in a student group’s annual funding application, including food, goods/materials, and local transportation (subject to the restrictions outlined below).

MSG funds may NOT be used:

  1. in excess of a student group’s allocated funds for the fiscal year.
  2. to reimburse money spent on taxes (e.g. sales tax). The University of Pennsylvania is a tax-exempt institution and cannot reimburse students for money that they have spent on taxes.
  3. to reimburse students for alcohol, in accordance with University policy.
  4. to pay for or reimburse gift certificates, in accordance with University policy.
  5. for conferences. 
  6. to pay for excessive transportation costs (e.g. air fare, tanks of gas).
  7. to fund dinners or events that are only open to small subsets of students.
  8. to pay for restaurant meal expenses in excess of $10 per person.

There are two ways to use the funds allocated by MSG:

  1. Via Purchase Order (PO), the preferred and more convenient option. 
    • A PO is a payment made by the University directly to a vendor. This must be arranged BEFORE the event/activity takes place.
    • POs are only accepted by a specific list of Penn-approved vendors.
    • To use this option, obtain a quote from your selected vendor (including tip if applicable but not tax) and then submit a request through our online form at least 4 business days prior to your event.
  2. Via personal reimbursement
    • A student pays for the expense out-of-pocket and then submits receipts for reimbursement AFTER the event takes place.
    • This option can be used with ANY vendor.
    • To use this option, check out our reimbursement request form and follow the steps inside. 

Using the Funds

GAP Fund

GAPSA allocates ~$8,000 to MSG to be specifically used for inter grad school events. We do not include this money in our annual funding cycle; you may apply for it at any time in conjunction with another grad school. You can view the application and apply for funding here.